Zebra print baby shower invitations

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girl zebra invitation

Planning to make a baby shower for your coming baby? Good! Then, make your invitation fun and exciting. Use a zebra theme with striking colors of black and white or you can use other colors such as black and blue or purple. You can place a zebra image or any other animals in the forest like monkeys, rabbit, elephants and many others in the wild. If you want a plain and simple invitation, you can use the zebra stripes to make the trick. 

For this type of invitation, you can put a solid border of a zebra stripes or you can use a zebra stripes as your page background. Use black and white or any color depending on your child’s gender. Add some accents such as pink daisy, or a ribbon or a tie on the center.

To give you other ideas, here are some samples:

Sample 1. On a portrait mode, put a solid zebra stripes on the top and bottom page of your card. Place a sitting zebra facing in front or you can use the back with its wagging tail if you want a funny look. Add some simple pink flowers on top of the zebra. On the bland page, write now your message and other details regarding your shower party.

Sample 2.  On a portrait mode, place a solid zebra line on the top and bottom page of your card and then followed by very thin pink line on the inner sides of the borders. On the top upper border, place a pink daisy on the center on top of a black thick tie. Write you message such as, “You are cordially invited to our”  using smaller fonts in black or “ Baby Shower” using large pink fonts,  followed by “in honor of”, then the name of the mother in pink large fonts, “Joan Doe”, for example. Then write other information regarding your shower party.