Western baby shower invitations

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Western Little cowboy is on the way shower invitation

For the Yankee and the wild, wild, west lover, western shower invitation is for you. For sure, your cowboy and cowgirl friends will yank a doodle for joy. You will enjoy the cowboy-look, the sheriff style, the hat, the boots, and the horse images for this invitation. The usual color combination will be shades of brown, black, blue, green, yellow and pink.

For this invitation, you can have a variety of choices. You could find some baby image holding a guitar wearing a cowboy hat or a singing cowboy man on a silhouette. You could also add a clip art of musical notes so you could almost hear the country music, but that’s just for an added twist.

If you are expecting a baby boy, you could use an image of a baby boy riding on a rocking horse toy.  Add stars, not too big and a square or rectangular shape rope. Write inside the shaped rope your invitation message and other pertinent information for your guests to know. Use a brown or tan stripped background.

For a baby girl, you could use baby girl’s dress in pink with borders filled with stars. Have a star and a rope in the girls dress so it will look like a cowgirl. Then write the inscriptions you want to tell like, “Please Join Us For A Baby Shower Honoring” then write your name using bigger fonts.

You could also use the famous word for the outlaws, “Wanted” instead of “You are Invited”, and just add there that your friends and family should come in honoring the mommy-to-be, then your name in a bigger font. Add a star on the lower right corner like the badge of a sheriff.  You could use for your background image a crumpled paper for an added effect.