Vintage baby shower invitations

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Old-fashioned mom and dad out there who like to throw a shower party for their baby should come up with a great theme for the invitation card. Use a vintage baby shower invitations that will remind you of the olden days. There are a lot of things that you can put in this invitation such as vintage car, motorcycle, bicycle, telephone, phonograph and a lot of more. It’s good to go back in time once in a while and reminisce the olden days. For sure, your friends and old folks will be happy to see these things in your invitation.

To make a vintage shower invitation, just make it look old. You can use crumpled paper background and use dark or dull colors such as brown, black and gray. You can add any colors of your choice just make them look old. Use those vintage things and voila! You’ve got it right.

Here are some ideas on how to make those vintage invitations:

Sample 1. You can use an image of a pregnant woman wearing jeans of the 70’s and bulging hairstyle in the left side corner. This retro look is pretty catchy on your guest. Just add some borders of alternating brown and orange and some vintage sunglasses. Write your message at the space including date, time and the venue. R.S.V.P. to you or your assigned contact with your telephone or mobile number.

Sample 2. Find yourself a baby with a bib riding on a vintage car, and place it on the left side corner. Use a border that look like a long road and put it on the sides. Then you can add the inscriptions, “Our Baby Boy is on the Road” or “Here She/He comes!”, and then write your text containing other important details for your guests to know.