Well organized parties usually have themes. The theme of the party is extremely important and should be the first detail of the party to consider because this will determine the rest of the details of the party. Baby shower themes will determine the decoration and set up of the Party venue. You should be able to inform your guests ahead of time about the baby shower themes so as to give them enough time to prepare; therefore this piece of information should be indicated in the invitation. Your baby shower themes will give you ideas on how to run the program properly organized. This will also give you idea what to expect prior to the party. Having your unique baby shower party themes will make your party a very memorable one for your guests and for your family as well.

Choosing your baby shower party theme should not be a hard part. Actually this is one of the most enjoyable parts. You could just run your imagination; think of something that you would like your party venue or visitors should look like. What their attire should be or what their attitude should be during the party. The mere thought of playing with ideas about baby shower themes should be a very funny moment for you and your family. Coupled with guests’ attire is the venue decoration. You should be able to execute the plan well or else you may end up having frustrated guests because you’ll never know the effort of your guests preparing for the attire.

Considering that the event itself is for a baby, the idea that you should come up with needs to be wholesome and baby themed like those of children parties. What do you think of safari as your baby shower themes? A baby shower party venue are usually dominated by kids more that adults. So having safari theme for a baby shower is like filling the whole venue with animal kids. This idea is best if you have more kids as your baby shower party guests. It will not have the same cute effect if you see adults wearing animal costumes. In additional to your animal costumes, baby shower themes could also be animal still but this time it’s going to be animal pet. Animals like Cat, dog, turtles, fish, or chicken. You can also have farm animals for costumes.

So you already have the animal costume concept. This time you are going to think of a shower decoration that will go along with the costume. You can rely to your own creativity about this or you can always seek help from your friends. The best tool for decorating your party venue with this kind of theme is a Styrofoam. You can but Styrofoam from any school supply stores. Styrofoam is easy to cut just be using a paper cutter blade. The good thing about a Styrofoam is that you can cut into almost any shape that you want and then paint it. When painting a Styrofoam, you should use water base paints otherwise you will only melt your Styrofoam with acrylic paint. Using these methods, you can actually produce so many things out of a Styrofoam. You can put additional animal figures, trees, grass or mountains or any other elements that will set the venue into the mood that you prefer. You may even shape your shower cake like the animal costume of the baby celebrating the party. These stuffs will help you feel the ambiance of your baby shower themes.

Baby shower themes could be a pirate ship inhabited by lots of pirates in it. Here, the guests may dress and act like a pirate. Set the venue decors with sails and ships. You can bake cookie pirates and shape your cake like a pirate ship. Generally, these kinds of baby shower themes are for baby boys. For baby girls you can go for fairyland as you baby shower themes.

Nothing can compare to the wholesomeness of a pajama party for your baby shower themes. Pajama parties are very appropriate for kids. Shower food in this type of themes are extremely easy to prepare. You can just bake cookies, buy some chips with dips and make some lemonade and iced tea. Setting the light into a dim mode and converting your living room into a huge bedroom is a brilliant idea for baby shower themes.

Every baby shower themes should be consistent with all of its aspect otherwise your theme will be useless or may lead to frustration. You should be strict in implementing rules about how the party should go because in the end it will always be for the benefit of the guests and family of the baby himself. Don’t forget the centerpiece of the event which is the cake. This is your chance to have the kind cake that you really wanted. Also make sure that the cake compliments the baby shower themes. The secret to successful baby shower themes is by making the guests see that you are serious about implementing this theme. You can contact them prior to the party or put it in the invitation properly highlighted.

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