Purple baby shower invitations

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Purple baby shower invitation

Purple baby shower invitations

If you like the color purple, you can use this color as your main color for a more classic and feminine touch. Just add few colors such as black for an added contrast, red, white or blue. You can use images such as a walking pregnant woman, baby cart with a baby, umbrella, etc.

You can try these few samples:

Sample 1. Take a silhouette branch of a vine and place it on the left corner, and on the branch a hanged cage with a bird. On the right side corner, write your invitation message. Your name, the date, time, and venue of the event and other pertinent information you would like to include.

Sample 2. Find yourself a clipart that shows a pregnant woman with a short, red hair, on purple dress, purple high heal boots, purple umbrella and a purple paper bag. This image of a sexy, pregnant woman will surely tickle your friends and family. Even pregnant woman can still look sexy and very appealing. Make the image larger and your fonts of medium size. The image must face sideways on the right side. Place your invitation message and other pertinent details aligned on the right.

Sample 3. Scan the ultrasound picture of your baby and print it. On your card stripped with white and purple, place the printed scanned photo of your baby on the right side half of the card. Add a green ribbon on the corner of the ultrasound picture. On the other half of the card using a white background page, write your invitation message, and other pertinent information and instructions to your guest. Using scanned ultrasound photos is common, and this will add excitement to your guests.

These types of invitation cards will surely capture the attention of your guests. So, hand them out now!