Princess baby shower invitations

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Princess baby shower invitation

An expecting mom like you is surely excited for the birth of your little princess. You surely want to invite your and your husband’s friends and family to witness the coming child. The best theme for the baby shower would be a princess theme because your child must be treated like a princess.

For this type of card, the images you need to use are a crown or tiara, a castle, butterflies, hearts, and ribbons. For you color combinations, you can use pink, purple, fuchsia, black, and grey.

Here are some samples for princess shower invitation card:

Sample 1. It would be nice if you can find a castle clipart, then place it a little on the left side. Below it, put a crown with tiny hearts around it. Have a plain border of purple shape and use a red or pink font. For your inscriptions, use old English such as, “Hear ye, hear ye…please join us for a royal shower from…”, write your name and your husband’s name. For added twist, you could write Queen ____ and King ____. Under your name and your husband, write the name of your child, PRINCESS, for example, or if you want, Princess ____.  Write the date and time of your shower party. For the venue, write there, “Our Royal Castle” and then your address. If you want a confirmation from your guest add there, R.S.V.P. to you or to your assigned contact plus your or her number.

Sample 2. Use a baby girl clipart in (gray shades) wearing a pink raffled panty, a crown on her head (gray shade), and pink slippers.  Write your inscription as, “It’s a Girl!” Place a boarder of pink and gray flowers. This sample is simple, but still elegant. Give this to your very close friends and relatives, and they will love it.

Princess baby shower invitation templates and examples