Nautical baby shower invitations

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Nautical baby shower invitation

For daddies who love exploring the seas, why don’t you give your loving wife a baby shower and surprise her with a nautical theme for your invitations? Surely, your wife will be impressed and she would love it, especially that you are having a baby boy. Even your family and friends will be amazed in doing it to your wife. This is also good for wives who have husbands in the navy.

Making this theme will be fun and easy. Just select anything that has something to do with the navy and the sea like navy cap, compass, ships, anchors, wind surfers, flags, etc. You can use phrases like “Ship Ahoy!”, “Howdy Mate?”, “Aye Captain!” and many more. Use red, blue, and white for your color combinations and add more.

To give you ideas for nautical theme, you can try the following samples:

Sample 1. Use a thick solid blue border with little anchors lined inside the border. This will give a framed look at your card. On the inside frame, put a small wind surfing boat or board at the two corner bottom sides to make it symmetrical. On the blank page, write down your message and other important text you want to show to your guests. Use your navy jargons that can tickle your friends to laugh.

Sample 2. Create a thin blue border on your card. On the upper corner, place and anchor on each side. On the bottom part, place a wavy sea. On the right bottom corner, place a whale or a shark or a dolphin, and on the left bottom corner, place a ship, or a boat. Now fill the blank with your text in a justified mode. You can use a stripped lined paper of two shades of light blue for your background.

Nautical baby shower invitations examples and templates