Ladybug baby shower invitations

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Ladybug baby shower invitation example

Here is a fun and exciting way to announce to your friends and family that you and your husband are going to have a baby soon. Because of that, you will be throwing a baby shower and you are looking for some ideas for your invitation card. Well, you are reading the right article.

Using ladybug as your theme is just perfect. The striking colors of red and black will just amaze your friends. So, what are you waiting for? There are more samples you can choose from. It’s easy and simple. You can use a single ladybug or smaller ladybugs. The choice is yours.

Here are some samples for ladybugs fanatics.

Sample 1. Use a single lady bug that is quite big and place it a little on the left. Then on the right side, write your invitation message and other details of your shower party. You can use a mixture of red and black for your text. Create a thick red border spotted with white on the top and the bottom. On the inner part of the border, line it with thin olive-green line, then another black spotted line.

Sample 2. Create a red square border with black and white spot and on the inner part of the border, line it with a black line. The inner white square will be your text box where your invitation message and other important details will be placed. On the left corner of the white box, put a single lady bug there.

Sample 3. You can also make a diaper invitation with spotted tiny black and red dots. You can make the dots somewhat larger if you like. Then on the center of the diaper, you can make a circle lined with black and red, and place a bug inside the circle.

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Ladybug baby shower invitation examples and templates