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Kitchen baby shower invitation front

Kitchen baby shower invitations examples and templates

For expecting moms who love to cook, this baby shower theme is the best for you. Using kitchen shower theme invitations, you can choose a variety of images from your kitchen area. You can mix and match any utensils and sure, your invited guests will be surprised by its modern look. You can also select clipart images such as cooking mom, apron, an oven, chopping board and many other. Red and black will be a perfect combination, but you could choose other colors such as blue, pink, silver, green, etc. Just make sure that you will not over decorate your card.

For cooking moms out there, here are some sample invitations suited for you.

Sample 1. A pink apron printed with cherries or strawberries can be put on the left half of the card. On the other half, you can write there your invitation message with the pertinent details about your shower party. Add border lines using yellow shades and thin line of pink.

Sample 2. Divide your card into six blocks and alternate it with pictures of kitchen utensils by set and the other blocks, your inscriptions. For example, on the first block is a set of your cooking ware followed by an inscription of “A KITCHEN shower” on its side. On the bottom of the cooking ware is your name, “FOR annalisa”, for example. Then, this must be followed by another set of kitchen ware and so on. You could also use one kitchen ware per block such as a flour mixer.

Sample 3. If you love to bake, then why not use kitchen utensils such as, flour mixer, blender, cookie jar, whisker, and spatula for your clipar?. You can use black, red, and silver for your color combination. You can also add some lady bug that blends in for an added effect.