Homemade baby shower invitations

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baby shower invitation ideas

Homemade baby shower invitations can add such a beautifully personal touch to your shower event. If you need some inspiration for your upcoming shower party we’ll give you ideas, examples and tips for make cool homemade invitations. Match your invitations with shower theme, favors and decorations!

The only way to get a perfect and unique shower invitation is to make it yourself. All handmade unique and personal details will add a sense of sentimentality to the special day. A handmade invites are one that a guests of honor will likely hang on to for their memories.

Homemade baby shower invitations tips

– You can use free online templates with beautiful designs and print them with your unique invitation wording. Be creative and enhance invitations with some of your personal touch

– Unique wording can make it more appealing is the use of. The written words in the invitation card may be short, but they should convey a excitement

– Use supplies for baby shower invites like rubber stamps, brads, stickers, ribbons, glitter, colored pens, paints, baby cut-outs, baby shower clip-art and small baby items such as pacifiers, rattles or miniature baby bottles

– The baby shower invitation can be decorated with cute paintings of flowers, babies and pets

– You can use a 3D ultra sound image and insert it in shower invitations or envelopes. Another cute alternative is to use a photo of the parents to be on the invitation

– Choose colors to reflect the shower theme, decorations and favors