Baby shower! This is what the mommy-to-be have at least a few months before she gives birth to her child. This has been a tradition which could be traced back during the early part of 1900’s. The family and friends would be throwing a ‘shower’ (just like the bridal shower) in showering the mommy-to-be with various gifts for the approaching big day of her life. Way back then, most of the baby shower gifts come from the guests of the event. Before, the guests would have their umbrellas because it was usually in the afternoon when the baby shower is thrown. The umbrellas are used as a protection from the heat of the sun. But if you have already attended a baby shower today and you know what it was before, you would probably say that it is a whole lot different now. The baby shower today is not just having tea with family and friends.

And now, the baby shower gifts would range from the most practical up to the most outlandish. But what is most important is that the baby shower gift you would give must be useful to the mommy-to be. Therefore, you have to look at a few factors to be considered when you will purchase a baby shower gift.

Of course, the first factor is practicality. But don’t buy an item that is so cheap that could end up being unhelpful and a burden to the mommy-to-be. Go for the items with reasonable prices. Practicality here means that the mommy-to-be must be able to use the baby shower gift. Hence, you may want to give as a gift the items which could be used by the newborn baby. This would include diapers, toys, clothes and blankets. You should also consider the style of the item you will purchase because if the mother would not like it, it would just be stocked in the closet. The mommy-to-be would prefer baby shower gifts (she won’t demand, don’t worry) which could be used by her baby in the first months. It would be helpful if the gift will not remain to be untouched for a long period of time. The gift you should give is the item which could be used by the baby while he or she is in the first year.

Let’s take a look at the parenthood’s initial stage. It is in the stage when the mom would need the most of diapers, baby carriers, wrapping sheets, blankets and the development toys. The baby carrier would be a very good choice if the mommy would love to carry the child while they will stroll in the streets or in the park. The baby carrier could be worn or even be used in carrying the child when they are outside or even when they are at home. And of course, the diapers would really be useful as it is a necessity in the everyday life of a baby.

You can also give a boppy which is a support pillow that is very unique. The boppy acts like the pillow and at the same time a toy. It can be purchased in various styles and even colors. You may also choose to give a toddler tub in which the size is available from the baby who is the smallest to the grown-ups. Bathing would be easier for the mommy with the use of this toddler tub which won’t give them too much stress and strain.
Bouncy seats are also good choice for the baby shower gift. It is with this item that the mommy would be able to free her hand even for a while (like when she has to do something). She would just let her baby play or sit on t bouncy seats. The bouncy seats are handy. They are also available in different styles and could come with various accessories. You can also give as a baby shower gift the first aid kits and baby books which could be of good help to the new mommy because the books will give them information and guide on the first weeks or months of being a mommy.

So, here are the top four baby shower gifts which are said to be very useful for the mom and her baby. Take a look at it so the next time you go to a baby shower, you would know what is essential to bring as a baby shower gift.

The fourth place is for the washcloths and the hooded towels. A set of the hooded towels can be a good gift as it is a known fact that the babies would love the water and then enjoy taking a bath. The hooded towels would also make the baby appear to be so adorable. The regular towels are not applicable to be used by the babies because the skin of the baby is gentle and the texture of the regular towel is rough.

The third on the list of the possible baby shower gifts is the baby bib set. With the use of the bib set, the mother would be able to let the child enjoy the meals without having to worry that the clothes of the baby would get dirty. Indeed, the bib set is a good baby shower gift. Make the bib set a colorful one filled with fun graphics to get the attention of the baby while he or she is eating. Eating would surely be more fun with this baby shower gift.

The second most useful baby shower gift is the layette suit which would make the baby really comfortable as this is made of organic cotton. The parents usually buy many of these items. The layette suit is comprised of a blanket, a rattle (for playing), bib, cap, and footed pajamas (sometimes booties).

And the one in the top of the list of the useful baby shower gifts is the diaper cakes. You may want to purchase a cake that is three-tiered as it could hold a maximum of 40 diapers (disposable). If you want, you may also fill the diaper cake with some bathing essentials.

So, the next time you go to a baby shower, you would surely know what baby shower gift you would give to the mommy-to-be.

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