You just held your baby shower and it was all awesome, fun and lively. As the event about to end, you want to wrap it all up by giving your guests something to remember when they leave the party venue. Baby shower favors are just perfect for your guests to have something to reminisce back when your baby shower ends.

Baby shower favors should be as perfect as your shower invitations. There are lots of ideas for a baby shower favors that you can choose from. You can conceptualize your own or you can just buy ready-made products to save the hassle of preparation. So basically what you need to consider when preparing for baby shower favors are creativity, uniqueness, the number of pieces and of course the cost effectiveness. Usually the number of pieces that you should prepare is the same as the number of invitations. Starting with yourself could a perfect way to decide what kind of baby shower favors that will give your guests a smile on their faces when left after the party.

Here are some of your baby shower favors ideas that you can choose from. You can actually get ideas from some of the little household stuffs. Some of the examples are based on creativity and personality. Who would think that you can get baby shower favors from a teabag, a honey jar or a candle? If you could run your imagination, you can get a whole lot of ideas that you might drown from them.

Bookmark is very cheap and easy to prepare yet could be a very meaningful one. Good thing about a bookmark is that it has a lot of space just enough for a lengthy message. You can just cut out a rectangular shape card punch it with a whole on top put a ribbon and paste a picture of your baby. Make it presentable by designing or decorating the picture. You can add inspiring messages on the back to add to the appeal.

You can also use some of the baby stuff as your baby shower favors idea such as a shoe, a safety pin or a baby sock. Add some ribbons and decorations, attached a thank you message and that’s it, you now have beautiful, personalized baby shower favors. Make it more personal by picking your favorite color or the color corresponds to the gender of the baby.

The gender of the baby should also matter. Baby figurines are also an appealing baby shower favors idea. Aside from baby boy or baby girl figurine you can also think of other objects to be associated to your baby. For girls in can be flowers, a girl’s shoe or a lovely Disney characters. For the boys, you can pick basketballs, a baby boy’s shoe, or a superhero character. If you like it to be unisex, you can go for teddy bears, animal figurines, baby bottles and carriages or body soaps or picture frames. Don’t forget your personal messages on each baby shower favors. It will be more appreciated if you’ll let them know how grateful you are if they could come.

Candles are very common baby shower favors, however, not a bad choice at all. In fact, candle maybe even a good choice for making baby shower favors. Candles symbolize so many things that you can give them readily as baby shower favors by putting a very minimal effort of making it presentable like tying a ribbon around it. If you want your candle to have a different appeal you could just order ready-made ones with different colors, figures and even scent. An angel figurine made from candle material is one of the most wholesome baby shower favors that you could give to your guests.

For practical gifts you just prepare consumable goods as baby showers favors. Stuffs like candies or other shower food stuffs like gummy bears, fortune cookies or cakes with thank messages, lollipops, candy pacifier and assorted teabags will be appreciated for sure. What do you think of a sugar cube for baby shower favors? You might think it’s ridiculous but give it shot. You can wrap it up with a transparent wax paper, tie a ribbon add a message attached like those of a price tag. On the other hand, you can also use candies or candy bars for this kind of idea. Just make sure that the packaging is properly sealed or it may leak, melt or spoil.

Preparation of baby shower favors could be a very minor detail of the main event but it will surely leave your guests a long lasting memory of the baby or the event itself. Preparing for baby shower favors will be more fun if you put yourself into it. Add some touch of your own personality or character. Create it in a way that people will remember whom that party favor came from and how fun the event was.

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