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Diaper baby shower invitation

A diaper shower invitation is the cutest and simplest theme for a baby shower invitation. You just have to look for clipart image of a diaper, a baby boy or a baby girl, any toys will do, diaper clips and other images. Just send this to your friends and family and sure, they will love it. You could have a set of diaper during your shower.

The color you will use depends on the sex of your baby. If it’s a boy, then use red or blue. If it’s a girl, pink or yellow will do. If you don’t know yet the sex of your baby, you can use green or grey diaper or the color you want. Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

For this type of invitation, you can make a card and shape it as a baby diaper, only smaller. The shape of your card will be triangular, then fold in the middle and then the two sides just like you are putting diaper on a baby. You can add a raffle on the outer side of the paper then fold. Before you shape it, you should have already printed your invitation message and other pertinent information regarding your shower party. You can write on the middle corner your name and your husband using big fonts, and on the other two sides, write the time and date. On the other side will be your venue, host and your R.S.V.P. contact number and person.

Another way of making diaper invitation is through cutting a paper or a cloth in the shape of a diaper. Paste it on the bottom half of the card. Put a diaper clip on the side. Then add your invitation message and other details pertaining to your party. You could add extra image like a smiley face, flower or car at the center of the diaper.

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