Cowboy baby shower invitations

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Cowboy baby

Want to have a cowboy baby shower theme for your invitation? That will be fun! Your friends and family will love the cowboy touch of your theme. It is also a good to reminisce the countryside experience of some of your invites. Using boots, stars, whip, rope, cow, horse shoe, sun, cactus, horse and the famous cowboy hat will surely make your friends smile or laugh.

You can use different color shades for this theme such as brown, red, pink. Font combinations depend on your choice, but use a simple and readable font if possible. For the clipart, use a baby clipart wearing diaper, boots and hat. For an added effect, use a baby wearing a big grin and extended arms as if he is waiting for a lift or a hug.

If you want some eye catching invitation, find an image of a crumpled paper and on the top write the word, “WANTED” just like the old movies of the wild, wild, west. The wanted are for the visitors of your party. Put a star badge on the side corner representing the sheriff badge.

Another sample for your cowboy invitation will be an image of a horse and a boy (for cowboy) or a girl (for cowgirl) and place the image on the corner and upper corner left corner. Write “little cowboy!  (cowgirl). Use a blue-colored border for girl and pink-colored for the girl. Write your information, message and other text aligned to the right. This type of invitation looks pretty neat and with enough information.

Horse and horse toy ride can also be used in this theme. Just place them at the center and write few words such as, “FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR” “HEARTS” at the side corner. Or you can just write on top and bottom corner, “You’re Invited” “_____’s Baby Shower!”

Look at these cute cowboy and western baby shower templates for your invitation ideas