Camo baby shower invitations

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new hunter in the crew shower invitation

Camo baby shower invitation templates and examples

A camo is short for camouflage. It represents the camo uniform of military men and those of the hunters. For camo baby shower invitations, the images you can use are the camo uniform, forest, trees or woods and animals. For the colors, you can use the different shades of green and brown for boys while for girls, just add the colors pink, red, or yellow.

Here are the samples:

Sample 1. Insert on the corner of the page, any image of an animals such as deer, fish, rabbit, bird, etc. Next, type a poem or prose about hunting in the upper middle corner of the page, but make your baby the subject of it. After the poem, you can write: “so come to an open house in honor of my mom…” below it. On the next line, type your name using a big font, Rachael Smith, for example, followed by the date, time, and the venue. For the color of your text, use any shades of green.

Sample 2. For the background image, choose a big trunk of a tree, showing twigs and dry leaf. On the left side corner, insert a silhouette of a pregnant woman and a scanned photo of the ultrasound of your baby which is cropped in circular shape. Paste it and blend it to the tummy of the pregnant woman. This pasted photo of your baby will impress your friends and loved ones. Make a box on the foreground overlaying the trunk and inside the box type the inscription, “They’re expecting a new hunter in their crew… a brother for Kadin (type the name/s of your child or children if you have) & hunting buddy for dad, too. Let’s help them prepare for a see baby boy…with a pair of camo pants & pin shooter for a toy!” This is followed by your name and your husband’s name and the date, time and venue of your baby shower. R.S.V.P. to you or your assigned contacts.