Butterfly baby shower invitations

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Butterfly baby shower invitation

Butterfly baby shower invitation ideas, examples and templates

Are you wondering what design your baby shower invitation will look like? A butterfly theme will be perfect for a botanist like you. If you like gardening, this is also suited for you. Butterflies symbolize serenity and happiness, which are pleasing to the eyes once you have selected the right combinations.  Usually, this theme is good for a baby girl. But mothers who really like butterflies can also use these for their baby boy. They just have to use neutral colors or they can use blue or red. Pink and purple are for girls. Your family and friends will be glad once they have your invitation.

You can use clipart images of butterflies, flowers, plants, pots and use as many color combinations for this theme. Do not over decorate your cards. For your color, you can choose pink, purple, yellow, brown, black, white, and a lot of more. Borders can be a thick or thin solid line of any color, or could be wreath of flowers, or stacks of butterflies.

To give you an idea of what to do, here are some of the samples that you may want.

Place a stack of butterflies on the left half side of the card. Use medium to large size image and add some flowers alternating it every 2 or 3 butterflies. On the half side, write your message of invitation to your possible guests. Include also the date, time and venue for your baby shower party. You may include the host/s of the party if you have. Write an R.S.V.P. and your contact information for confirmation.

Sample 2. Cut your card in a butterfly shape style. Make sure that before cutting the card, you have already printed the text fitted inside the page. Draw a pattern as your guide for easy cutting.

Sample 3. If you want a funny invitation, you can use cartoon-like butterflies with big, round eyes. Use different colors for this theme.