Baseball baby shower invitations

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Baseball future MVP shower invitation

Baseball baby shower invitation examples

So, you are going to have your first baby and you want to share your joy to your friends and family. Why don’t you invite them over your house and make a shower party?

To make your party more fun and interesting, make your invitation appealing. Why don’t you try a baseball theme? If they ask you why you chose this theme, tell them that it is because you just learned from your Ob-Gyne that you are going to have a baby boy.

For your baseball theme invitations, you can choose an image of a baseball bat, a baseball cap, a baseball glove and of course, the baseball. You can use all of them or just pick one or two. For your colors, try red and blue because it represents a boy.

Here are samples for this theme.

Sample 1. On top middle corner write, “It’s A Boy!” in color red as if you are telling the world how happy you are that you have a boy. This is followed by the inscriptions, “Now joining the starting lineup”, followed by your name “Kris” for example, in big blue font followed by “Join us for a home run shower in their honor followed by the date, time and place of venue, and lastly by your host/s.

Sample 2. On top upper corner of the card, insert a red ribbon and within it insert this phrase, “ALL STAR EVENT” then followed by the inscriptions, “Please join us for a baby shower honoring” then under it write your name,  Sarah Mattingly for example,  with a bigger blue font. Under your name is the date and time of the baby shower, followed by the place, the name of the host/s.

Just write what you want your guests to know. You could also write R.S.V.P. to you or assigned contacts, telephone number and the date of confirmation.